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Programs tailored for busy lifestyles

Our sessions suit today’s demanding schedules.  35-minute contouring sessions for the body allow you fit this into even the most demanding of schedules.  Unlike other invasive services you get the results without downtime or scaring.  You will see real results within three sessions.

Notice To Client

Please review the following before your appointment

  1. PLEASE BE HYDRATED - Ultrasonic Cavitation breaks up and blast the fat cells which are then processed thru you lymphatic system. So being well hydrated will help you to process the blasted fat faster and better.

  2. THE TREATMENTS ARE DONE IN A SPA BUSINESS - When entering to Essential Nail Spa we are located in the back studio. You will be greeted by an Essential Nail Spa employee and you may let them know you are her for your Fit Bella Treatment.

  3. ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO LATEX OR ANYTHING? - At Fit Bella we love the safety of our clients and during our treatments we use latex gloves and ultrasound gel, and other gels and serums.

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